Uncommon Creative Business Tools

Four tried and true tools for leveling up your creative business.

Do you struggle to price your services?

Not sure what to charge a huge company for the same work?

Not meeting the goals you want to achieve?

The Uncommon Creative Business Pack includes my top 4 documents for wrapping your head around those difficult aspects of running a creative business.

Whether you’re a freelancer or agency, these are the tools I’ve been using for years to set (and reset) my pricing, gauging what to charge clients, and staying on track with my creative business journey.

Purchase as a package or individually.

What’s Available:

  • Hourly Pricing Calculator: Just enter your personal and business expenses and the calculator will formulate an hourly rate that includes taxes and profit.
  • Value-Based Pricing Matrix: If you’re not charging based on the value of the work to the company, you’re missing out. Use the matrix to set pricing for small companies and let the formulas do the work to give pricing for medium, large and massive corporations automatically.
  • SMART Goals Template: SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based. This template will help you determine your goals and how to break them down for maximum achievability.
  • Creative Business Checklist: I wish someone had given me a list of all the things I should pay attention to when starting a creative business. This is a comprehensive checklist that covers everything from formation to branding to professional services.

Every template includes a How-To guide with detailed information on use as well as information on replacing any misplaced or deleted formulas.

Files are functional in Google Sheets and delivered via URL or .zip file.

Purchase each template a-la-carte or as a packaged deal.

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Uncommon Creative Business Tools

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Developed by Mayank Bhama