built for the bold,
the brave, the brilliant

The extraordinary, the mischief-makers, the fantastically peculiar.

Full service in every aspect, Uncommon Crowd provides more than creative deliverables. To be uncommon is to be part of a culture–a way of looking at and living in the world. We are curious and ruthless and committed to defining branding and design for the future.

We believe that nothing is an impossibility and no business should settle for boring, basic or, heaven forbid, on-trend.

If you’re looking for safe, you best look elsewhere.

Proprietor, Principle Creative

For over a decade Erik has made his way through the design industry as a graphic designer, freelancer and artistic director, delivering his end-to-end creative vision to both private and corporate companies across the globe. In true entrepreneurial spirit, he pursued the creation of a full-fledged agency with nose to the grindstone, taking on clients with shared values and sourcing freelance artists, designers and developers along the way.

By aligning his fine arts and theatrical background within the business space, Erik focuses on differentiating companies through their own authentic edge. Ever the book enthusiast, perpetual student and budding thought leader, he brings an element of teaching into his practice, leaving clients with more than a solution for their company. Erik delivers an experience that perpetuates a new understanding of business, people and how we see the world.

THE talent

Day V. exec-assistant
Compulsive planner and full-time dog mom.

Morgan R. marketing guru
Creates viral TikTok content by eating semi-rare steak in bed.

Amine D. digital design
Making the world a better place with design. Oh, and coffee is life.

Dani R. Project Coordinator
A lifelong crafter and lover of all things snuggly.

Mayank B. developer
Developing websites since he was 14 years old!

Day V. exec assistant
One interesting thing about the person they want to share.

Nemanja M. graphics
Has a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool.

Developed by Mayank Bhama


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