Strategy and creative for bold brands.
Branding alone won’t sell your products or services. But understanding how to connect with your audience will. That’s why we infuse brand design with marketing strategy to create beautiful brands that connect, get you noticed, and drive sales.

Branding without strategy is just a pretty face.

Most agencies or designers will sell you visuals with no guts or sales potential. We hate that.
Are you constantly changing your branding or marketing materials?
Is standing out in your industry a struggle?
Have you tried every marketing tactic but nothing is working?
Does your company lack inspiration or [do you even have] company culture?
Are people confused by what you do and how you can help?
Is it hard to know what decisions to make for the future of your business?
If you answered yes to any of these, don’t fret. A profitable brand meant for longevity, authenticity, and clarity is waiting for you.
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Like so many clients, you and your bottom line can transform from basic business to uncommon brand with:
Unique visuals and messaging that influence audiences, build trust and disrupt industries.
A plan for consistency; turning interest into sales and customers into advocates.
Clarity in business decisions, brand extensions, marketing campaigns, and company culture.
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Meet Erik Q.

Creative Director.
& Chief Unicorn.
With over 15 years in the industry, and his hands in 100+ companies’ business, Erik’s flair for the dramatic mixed with his no-nonsense business acumen makes him the catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

What they said.

"Erik’s ability to listen to my ideas and apply them beautifully in ways I couldn't have imagined, has made him an invaluable asset to my company. His creativity, knowledge and attention to detail are unparalleled and continue to elevate my brand to new levels. He is truly my company's secret weapon for success!"
Ryan Forrestal, CEO, Blunt Bowls
"They assembled a full team for me, flew in and made sure the makeup and made sure my hair was flawless. I could not have imagined revamping my brand without them! Erik is a design god and has a great eye for detail."
Tegan Kline, CEO, Edge & Node
"If you need help articulating and presenting your brand, then you need to work with Erik. I will 100% be working with him again."
Ronan Wall, CEO,
"I love what we created for my brand. For anyone that has started their own business, you know how much your business is like your baby. Erik was instrumental in the birthing process."
Shanna Windle, Owner, Shine Wellness
"Simply the best. Working with Erik and his team was the best move our company did for our future and longevity. We are so proud of the brand that Uncommon Crowd created. Can’t thank you all enough!"
Marcus Rivera, CEO, Greenlight Group
"Hiring Erik is one of the best decisions I have made for my business. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I highly, highly recommend him for any and all related branding needs."
Charlotte Marin, Owner, Lottie Holiday
"Erik translated the vision for our Airbnb into something more vibrant and exciting than we could have imagined. We found Erik very easy to work with and look forward to working with him again for our future projects."
Lera & Barry, Owners, Artist Studio
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How to create a brand that doesn’t miss.
Schedule a discovery meeting to let us know how we can help.
Brands aren’t built over night, but we can make it feel that way.
Lead a brand-driven company positioned for growth.
Oh look. All the objections you’re about to make.
What if I don’t generate sales?
Without marketing, a brand is just a brand. So, as the business, you still have to sell. But will create a brand that is ready to sell; one that leads with connection and clarity.
What if I don’t like it?
“I like” is the most dangerous phrase you could utter about your brand. You are not your audience. Branding is about them, not you. And we can guarantee it will be all about them.
It’s too expensive and I’m already making sales.
Question: How much money are you leaving on the table with a broken or subpar brand? But yes, you’re correct, it does cost money to make money.
My company isn’t bold or interesting enough.
Nice brands can be as intriguing as naughty ones, if you let them. Our approach is laser focused on heightening your individual authenticity in whatever way captivates your specific audience.
Now you have no more excuses.
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It costs money to look & sound this good.

Our process is extensive, thorough and aimed at generating cashflow.
Full day 1:1 intensive with Erik to discover the brand that aligns most with your audience. A strategy roadmap will guide you in creating or changing your visuals and messaging.
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One month process to develop an identity system for your business. We’ll strategize a look and feel that will make your audience take notice and crave more.
An in-depth, 3 month, multi-phase process formulated to strategize, envision and create an end-to-end brand designed to mesmerize, surprise and connect with your audience.
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Struggling to execute a creative vision? Erik will build, manage and/or lead your team as Chief Creative or Marketing Officer with an exclusive engagement.
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Secrets don’t make friends. That’s why we aren’t keeping any.
We’ve talked about how our extensive process involves marketing strategy. Now you can see for yourself.

Everything included in our free guide: The Complete Brand Checklist is everything (well, almost) we cover in building a brand that understands and connects with an audience.

Use this whopper of a checklist as a guide in creating your own brand – or have the [completely unplanned] realization that it might be better for us to do all the heavy lifting. Totally up to you.
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We’ll let you know if we’re a fit.

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